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Aiglos Almanach Tolkienowski Special Issue II is still available! 

More detailed information:… Orders:…

English language issue, prepared especially for the The Tolkien Society conference Return of the Ring 2012 in Loughborough.


  • Tolkien and the Vikings. J.R.R. Tolkien's connection with the Victorian literature concerning the North - Michał Leśniewski 'M.L.'
  • Samwise the Great - Maria Błaszkiewicz
  • Language and myth. Tolkien’s and Barfield’s concepts of 'meaning' - Karolina Stopa-Olszańska 'Melinir'
  • Éowyn – the misunderstood Lady of Rohan - Justyna Brzezińska
  • Who are you, and what are you doing in this land? A different way of looking at known things – an epic reading of 'The Lord of the Rings' - Maria Błaszkiewicz
  • Noegyth nibin – racism in Beleriand? - Magdalena Kudelska 'Geirve'
  • The Rivendell Hymnal and Tenebrae – Tolkien, Elves and the Roman Liturgy - Marcin Morawski 'Lomendil'
  • Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of Huan) - 'Kasiopea'
  • Mythopoeia and Quenta Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien – God, faith, freedom, and the Second Coming - Jakub Z. Lichański
  • Nerdanel. A few words about an episode which did not have to be a mere episode - Michał Leśniewski 'M.L.'
  • The First Tolkienists - Tadeusz A. Olszański 'Halbarad Dúnadan'
  • Word, power and will – magic in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien - Anna Adamczyk-Śliwińska 'Nifrodel'
  • The Sense of Unity and the Category of Unity. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in the Context of Medieval Epic - Agnieszka Kruszyńska
  • The Volsunga Saga as an Inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien - Renata Leśniakiewicz-Drzymała
  • Master of Doom and Ring-bearer: Fate and Free Will in Middle-earth of the First and the Third Ages - Tadeusz A. Olszański 'Halbarad Dúnadan'
  • Believe neither editors nor translators, or how I almost rubbed shoulders with a celebrity - Agnieszka Sylwanowicz 'Evermind HS Took'
  • (articles details at… )

Fanfiction and poetry by Anna Adamczyk-Śliwińska 'Nifrodel' in Bożena Mitko 'Nellelórë'’s translation and of English-language poems by Marcin Morawski 'Lomendil'.

Reviews and Interviews

  • Interview with Christina Scull and Wayne G. Hammond -from Aiglos No. 6 (Spring/Summer 2006) (with recent footnotes)
  • Interview with Tom Shippey -from Aiglos No. 8 (Spring/Summer 2007) (with updates)
  • Interview with Verlyn Flieger - from Aiglos No. 12 (Spring/Summer 2009) (with updates)
  • Interview with Michael D.C. Drout - from Aiglos No. 12 (Spring/Summer 2009)
  • Interview with Alex Lewis -from Aiglos No. 15 (Winter 2010/2011)
  • Review: A Fortress Made of Ice: The Silmarillion. Thirty Years On, ed: Allan Turner- -Tadeusz A. Olszański 'Halbarad Dúnadan'
  • Review: Destroying the tower built in Beleriand. Arda Reconstructed, i.e. a handful of comments on the book by Douglas Kane, on Tolkienologists and on Christopher Tolkien's edition - Michał Leśniewski 'M.L.'
  • Review: A Truly Monumental Work. A Handful of Remarks on J. R. R. Tolkien Companion and Guide by Christina Scull and Wayne G. Hammond - Michał Leśniewski 'M.L.'
  • Review: A Fairy Tale and Orality in Tolkien's Texts - (Adrian Jakuboze, Maria E. Pobieżyńska, Michał Żaczek, Baśń- oralność- zagadka) -Karolina Stopa-Olszańska 'Melinir'
  • Review: The Lord of the Rings, the book and the film as seen by the students of the Adam Mickiewicz University" - Anna Adamczyk-Śliwińska 'Nifrodel'
  • Review: The History of an unusual Friendship? Colin Duriez,Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship -Anna Adamczyk-Śliwińska 'Nifrodel'


More detailed information:……

Make sure you've got it on your shelf! And share it, let your friends know! :thumbsup:

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Karolina Węgrzyn
Artist | Digital Art
Karolina is a self taught artist with education in social sciences field.
Stark Stamp by LeelianTolkien Geek by TricksyPicksyFieldOfStars Stamp by SeioraiIt's Okay to Fav and Run by TricksyPicksy:: Liek thanks you :: by Liek


As a supporting group we wish to announce the winners of the Never seen before contest:

:spotlight-left: 1st place Sieskja :spotlight-right:

 The Old Forest by Sieskja
The Old Forest

"They picked a way among the trees, and their ponies plodded along, carefully avoiding the many writhing and interlacing roots. There was no undergrowth. The ground was rising steadily, and as they went forward it seemed that the trees became taller, darker, and thicker. There was no sound, except an occasional drip of moisture falling through the still leaves. For the moment there was no whispering or movement among the branches; but they all got an uncomfortable feeling that they were being watched with disapproval, deepening to dislike and even enmity. The feeling steadily grew, until they found themselves looking up quickly, or glancing back over their shoulders, as if they expected a sudden blow."

J.R.R. Tolkien,The Fellowship of the Ring, Book I, Chapter 6 "The Old Forest"

More by Sieskja
Saruman, come forth ! by Sieskja Pleurs by Sieskja Aredhel in the forest of Nan Elmoth by Sieskja
In a Pale Moon's Shadow by Sieskja Dreaming with Wolves by Sieskja

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:spotlight-left: 2nd place peet :spotlight-right:

Errand-riders in the Night by peet
Errand-riders in the Night

'There was a silence again for a while. Then, 'What is that?' cried Pippin suddenly, clutching at Gandalf's cloak. 'Look! Fire, red fire! Are there dragons in this land? Look, there is another!'
For answer Gandalf cried aloud to his horse. 'On, Shadowfax! We must hasten. Time is short. See! The beacons of Gondor are alight, calling for aid. War is kindled. See, there is the fire on Amon Don, and flame on Eilenach; and there they go speeding west: Nardol, Erelas, Min-Rimmon, Calenhad, and the Halifirien on the borders of Rohan.'
But Shadowfax paused in his stride, slowing to a walk, and then he lifted up his head and neighed. And out of the darkness the answering neigh of other horses came; and presently the thudding of hoofs was heard, and three riders swept up and passed like flying ghosts in the moon and vanished into the West.'

JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: Book V, Chapter 1: Minas Tirith

More  by peet
Beren the Solitary Outlaw by peet Midsummer's Eve by peet
Of Thingol and Melian by peet Fingon upon Thangorodrim by peet Elwing Bearing the Silmaril by peet

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:spotlight-left: 3rd place TolmanCotton :spotlight-right:

Nibs Cotton by TolmanCotton
Nibs Cotton

Nibs Cotton defending Rosie and his mother... from Sam. Not that he recognized him immediately, with his finery, chain-mail and all. Rosie did, actually. But then, she had been waiting for him since Spring.

More by TolmanCotton

Sam in the garden by TolmanCotton Mormegil- color by TolmanCotton Artanis and Feanor by TolmanCotton
Rauros by TolmanCotton Lady of the Golden Wood by TolmanCotton 
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Atanatar II Alcarin of Gondor by neral85
Atanatar II Alcarin of Gondor

Atanatar II was the sixteenth king of Gondor. His father Hyarmendacil I had been one of Gondor's greatest Kings, so Atanatar II inherited a powerful empire stretching from the Greyflood to the Sea of Rhûn, and to which even the Men of Umbar and Harad paid homage. The King loved luxury and it was during his reign that the original Crown of Gondor was replaced by a jeweled helm. "Men said precious stones were pebbles in Gondor for children to play with." The wealth and splendour of Atanatar's realm earned him the title Alcarin ('Glorious') but he did little to maintain its strength, and nothing to expand its influence. Thus already during Atanatar's reign, Gondor began to stagnate. Atanatar II ruled Gondor for seventy-seven years, during which the wealth and power created by his father slowly began to wane. He was succeeded by his eldest son Narmacil I.
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Travelling south by RobleskaZeppelin
Travelling south

Elven princess Idril, mortal man Tuor and their half-elven son Eärendil travelling from ruined Gondolin, through Nan-Tathren and south, along the river to the sea. The scene can be found in Silmarillion, chapter "Of Tuor and the fall of Gondolin"

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Nienor's Fall at Cabed-en-Aras by Nim-lock

Nienor's Fall at Cabed-en-Aras

"Looking down upon Turin she cried: 'Farewell, O twice beloved! A Turin Turambar turun ambartanen: master of doom by doom mastered! O happy to be dead!' Then Brandir who had heard all, standing stricken upon the edge of ruin, hastened towards her; but she ran from him distraught with horror and anguish, and coming to the brink of Cabed-en-Aras she cast herself over, and was lost in the wild water" (Silmarillion, 223). 

#1 To see all the entries visit the official announcement

We are proud to announce the winners of our joint contest, held by the groups

The judges considered bot the artistic quality of the work and uniqueness of the theme when voting.
The judges were the admins of the participating groups:
:iconspotlightplz:1st place:iconspotlightplz:
The Old Forest
"They picked a way among the trees, and their ponies plodded along, carefully avoiding the many writhing and interlacing roots. There was no undergrowth. The ground was rising steadily, and as they went forward it seemed that the trees became taller, darker, and thicker. There wa

Clap Congratulations to the winners and all the participants!Airborne 


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